Enterprise Security

Protect your Business and your Reputation

Pyramid of enterprise security

Mitigate Risks — Improve Security

Level 6

Background checks

HR Screening, Supply Chain/Vendor vetting, Regular pentesting (Red Team, Blue Team)

Level 4

Document classification

Secrets management: passwords, certificates, sensitive files (storage and access)

Level 2

Perimeter protection

Firewall, intrusion detection, Antivirus, Authentication (RFID access), Security audit (regular)

Level 7


7 Trust Endurance Advanced Elevated Basic Essential 0
Level 0

Inventory of assets

Location and ownership (physical and virtual): Hardware, Software, Virtual resources, Secrets

Level 5

Disaster recovery — Business continuity

Backups, Backup systems, Cyber security emergency response plan, Digital forensics

Level 3

Data protection at rest

Segregation of duties for staff and machines: Authorization, Access control (roles, permission), Encryption

Level 1

Default settings and passwords

Settings, Passwords, Ports, Config files, Firewall, Password policy and certificates

Our View on Security

Security is not a point in time but a process. Good security grows with the enterprise and it is proportionate with the business demands. Our specialists at DataArt have put together a 7-step pyramid. The purpose of the pyramid, if correctly adhered to, is to reduce the risks and the impact of cyber-attack. The guidelines are relevant to any industry that leverages information technology.

John Chambers
John Chambers Former CEO of CISCO

There are only two types of companies. Those that have been hacked and those that don’t know it yet.

Data Breach Study 2019, by IBM

$3.92 mln

Average total cost of a data breach

25.575 records

Average size of a data breach

$6.45 mln

Healthcare — most expensive industry

$8.19 mln

USA — most expensive country

Impact of an atomic bomb on an the environment, by range

Impact of an atomic bomb on the environment, by range

Atomic bomb explodes

Mechanical (shock wave)

Heat wave

Electromagnetic pulse

Pollution and radiation

Impact of a cyber-attack on your enterprise, by stage and time-span

Cyber-attack occurs

Infrastructure impact

  • Network/Applications damage
  • Data loss
  • Business operation disruption

Immediate losses

  • Loss of revenue
  • Client base shrink
  • Remedy costs

Short-term costs

  • Fines from regulators
  • Law suits, compensation costs
  • CEO, CISO, C level dismissal

Long-term loss

  • Reputation loss
  • Bad publicity in the media
  • Distrust from suppliers

Most Targeted Industries

#1 Healthcare

#2 Finance

#3 Travel & Hospitality

#4 Government Agencies

#5 Manufacturing/Research

#6 Education

Top Threats

Social engineering

IT staff negligence

Malware and ransomware

Non-compliance with regulations

Targeted attack

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Dmitry Vyrostkov
Dmitry Vyrostkov

Leading a team of security experts that provide consulting services to clients as well as help internal development teams create secure solutions. Dmitry coordinates sales activities, projects and resources, oversees the quality of service and deliverables, and organizes the internal and external PR of his group.

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